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Vision & Mission
Post date: 14:26:40 15-06-2016
We envision that NTT Hi-Tech Development Center will bring scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs together to deliver hi-tech products to the society. Currently NHTI has 10 excellent groups and we are looking to double the size in the next two years. 
We aim to:
  • Build and maintain innovative and applicable research programs with external funding and publish regularly in ISI journals
  • Seek, evaluate, and oversee potential projects that could be invested by NTTU
  • Serve as the bridges between NTTU and outside science and engineering organizations, such as universities in Vietnam and in foreign countries, companies in STHP and Ho Chi Minh City, government ministries of Vietnam, as well as various departments of provinces in the Mekong Delta
  • Contribute to internationalizing NTTU through international collaborations in research and training undergraduate and graduate students.